Movement that unites those
who strive for freedom

LovePowerCoin Charity

CoinPart of money from each of our sales goes to support NFT artists. Our movement unites those who are already contributing to the development of crypto industry, as the guarantee of humanity's victory over the fiat financial system. Artists, who share our ideas, are welcome to contact us. Together we can change this world!
LampOne of the main directions of our charity campaign is to help scientists. We support innovations that relate to the transition of humanity from fiat to cryptocurrency.


What is all about?

Coin FisrtLovePowerCoin is a movement that unites those who strive for freedom. A movement of people who are already creating the world of the future. A world without wars and pandemics. A world of free people who manage their own finances and do not allow someone to control their destinies.
Coin SecondThe gradual transition to cryptocurrency frees the world, depriving those who drag it into conflicts to maintain their power, control, and money. But even now, every step in this direction can improve the life of a person who has chosen the right path.
Coin ThirdJoin the LovePowerCoin movement. It's time to get out of the foul game and remove the shackles of 21st century financial slavery.


The LovePowerCoin movement appeals to each and every one of you. This world is full of evil, crimes, and oppression of freedom. It's time for liberation. We have come to the metaverses to begin an irreconcilable struggle for liberation from financial slavery.

We are shackled in chains of loans and bank interest. We were made to believe in something that has no worth and is nothing more than a tool of enslavement. Fiat money is an evil that should be left in the past.

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Cryptocurrency is a future of freedom. The LovePowerCoin movement will unmask anyone who uses humanity as a source for their own enrichment. From those who spread pandemics, provoke wars, sow fear and hatred, force us to live by their laws, deprive us of our freedom, make us slaves of the financial system to maintain faith in Fiat.


Our movement unites those who are already contributing to the development of the crypto industry, as a guarantee of humanity's victory over the fiat financial system.


LovePowerCoin unites people of different nationalities and different skin colors, for whom there are no state borders. These are It-specialists, scientists, engineers, creators of crypto-currencies, free NFT-artists. Understanding that love is the basis of human nature gives us the strength to change this world.


Each LovePowerCoin NFT is a clue to the thousand-year-old riddle of enslavement. The meaning inherent in them, transmitted to us from the top of the pyramid by those who want to remain human, will allow us to look into the future, which is not yet available to everyone. We give you riddles inspired by the Voynich manuscript, the answers to them will give a complete picture of the world order.


Knowing their next steps as well as attempts to control the idea of decentralized systems, money from the sale of our NFTs will be used to support scientific developments to introduce an alternative to fiat money circulation, support crypto enthusiasts, beginner NFT artists, promote the need for a transition to a new financial system, free people from banking cabal. Join our movement. By purchasing NFT LovePowerCoin, you raise the flag of the struggle for a free future.

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